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A Legacy of Celebration


“We Found Joy”

A Celebration of Joie de Vivre

Welcome to Maison Courvoisier, a cognac house founded with the spirit of joie de vivre, a celebration of the joy of the people and places that define our heritage. To honor 200 years of celebrating life, we brought together 4 creative talents who embody the Courvoisier spirit to present “We Found Joy”, a series of global events inspired by the beauty of summer in Jarnac, France. 

With colorful artist and designer Yinka Ilori, our Ambassador of Joy, Yinka brings together fellow creatives like actor and philanthropist Rashida Jones, award-winning jazz musician Moses Boyd, and fashion and beauty photographer Betina du Toit. Each brings the essence of joy to life through their work, showcased in the films presented here, capturing their individual interpretations of the joie de vivre that is the heart of Courvoisier.

Artist, Designer and Storyteller Yinka Ilori

Courvoisier proudly welcomes Yinka Ilori as our exclusive Ambassador of Joy, a role created for the colorful storyteller who embodies the spirit of joie de vivre. Raised in a home where color and pattern was always celebrated, the London-based multidisciplinary artist is known for fusing his work with his British-Nigerian background to create unique and memorable stories through contemporary design. Inspired by Courvoisier’s embodiment of the French belief to savor life’s true pleasures, Yinka introduces “We Found Joy,” a fully immersive series of global events with creatives from all walks of life, each of whom brings to life the essence of Courvoisier’s spirit and the beauty of summer in our home of Jarnac, France.

Yinka Ilori celebrating

“For me, the essence of joy is through the use of color. It makes people smile…”

– Yinka Ilori
Artist and Designer

Actor, Writer, and Director Rashida Jones

Rashida Jones is a renowned actor, writer, producer and director known for manifesting joy on and off screen. Based in Los Angeles, her work is driven by collaboration and the desire to create something truly authentic and rich, a spirit that perfectly meshes with what inspires us at Courvoisier. Much like Jarnac, France in full bloom, Rashida loves the beauty of nature anywhere. “Nature is instant joy for me…” she says, “being just enveloped in nature; I love that feeling."

Drummer, Composer, and Bandleader Moses Boyd

Moses Boyd is an award-winning jazz drummer, composer, record producer and bandleader. Born in South London, Moses grew up in a household full of music, from gospel and rock to reggae and Motown, which shaped his versatile tastes and inspired him to start drumming at the age of 13. He has created a truly unique musical style, and is a shining star of today’s global jazz scene. As someone who is fascinated by craft and process, Moses is perfectly suited to be part of “We Found Joy”, as he brings the same passion for creation and celebration that embodies the world’s best Cognac.

Bottle of Cognac, Courvoisier VSOP

“Growing up here in London, there’s always that pulse within me; it’s part of my DNA…”

– Moses Boyd
Drummer and Composer

Fashion and Beauty Photographer Betina du Toit

Betina du Toit is a fashion and beauty photographer best known for capturing beauty in its natural form. Based in Paris, and previously residing in South Africa, Betina is inspired by the power of simplicity and bold color. Her work captures the natural and streamlined beauty of her subjects, and always feels connected to the environment. It’s that same connection to our surroundings in Jarnac, France that we aspire to capture as we craft the best Cognac brands at Courvoisier. Betina says of her inspiration, “When I see something that awakens something poetic within me that evokes emotion, it makes me want to take a picture.”

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