we found joy

Courvoisier | Yinka Ilori

Inspired by the beauty of Jarnac, discover a new collaboration where Courvoisier and Yinka Ilori's joyous worlds collide to create this limited-edition Courvoisier VSOP release.

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Image of Yinka Ilori holding Courvoisier Bottle

Yinka invites you to celebrate joy

Yinka Ilori finds joy everywhere he looks, especially in nature. From the blossoms of spring to the sunlight bouncing off the water, this special collaboration with Courvoisier captures the sense of freedom that comes from places like Jarnac. "It’s poured into the earth there, into the grapes, into the bottle."

A collaboration inspired by nature

Every element of Yinka Ilori’s remarkable bottle design is inspired by the bees, flowers and flowing river in Jarnac, France. It all stems from a shared love of the region, and we want to share it with you. Only 1,000 bottles of this special limited-edition Courvoisier VSOP are available globally. 

Collaboration Yinka Ilori

we found joy

See how the vibrant nature of Jarnac inspired Yinka Ilori’s work, centered around sharing joy with the people you love. 

Collaboration Yinka Ilori

"Jarnac reminds me of the beauty of the world we live in."

Yinka Ilori

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