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We invite you to explore the process of how we infuse our cognacs with the joy and flavors of Jarnac, its history and its people.

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From poolside to fireside, the crisp and vibrant Courvoisier Gala makes any occasion sparkle.

Glass bottle of Courvoisier VS French Cognac.
Glass bottle of Courvoisier VSOP French Cognac.
Glass bottle of Courvoisier XO French Cognac.

Our Cognac Collection

Meticulously blended to defy category conventions, VS is an authentic and joyous introduction to our collection.

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The delicate marriage of our four crus for a subtly floral, uniquely complex richness.

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XO is a selection of beautifully matured eau de vie, aged from 11 to 25 years, to highlight the complex and rich cognac.

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Yinka backgorund

Yinka Ilori

Inspired by the beauty of Jarnac, discover a new collaboration where Courvoisier and Yinka Ilori's joyous worlds collide to create this limited-edition Courvoisier VSOP release.

Courvoisier | Yinka Ilori

Courvoisier Mizunara 2023 Blend

Steeped in our commitment to craft, we’re pleased to bring you the second edition of Mizunara – Courvoisier Mizunara 2023 Blend – our most daring and visionary creation yet.

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Mizunara 2023 Blend
Glass vials of various Courvoisier cognac samples.

A New Era

As Courvoisier nears its 200th birthday, the House welcomes a new Chief Blender to continue the Courvoisier legacy. Join us in celebrating our seventh Chief Blender and guardian of our vibrant house style, Thibaut Hontanx.​

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Master blender sniffing the aromatics of Courvoisier cognac for clarity.

Craft your perfect cocktail

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The Gala

The Gala

In the 1950s, Chief Blender André Boufflet developed a new cognac created to be mixed. This was a first and grew in popularity until the drink transformed into a lifestyle.

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French Twist


French Twist

The French Twist is a perfect example of how our process enhances the cocktail: simple, approachable, elegant and the perfect cocktail to be enjoyed, day or evening.

The French Twist drink in a Double Old Fashioned glass garnished with a lemon twist.
The French Twist drink in a Double Old Fashioned glass garnished with a lemon twist sitting atop a marble countertop.

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Our Maison

See what defines our Maison Courvoisier style

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See how Courvoisier is dedicated to the Art of Making

Crafter removing a vial of Courvoisier from cognac barrels to inspect the cognac color.

Visit Jarnac

The perfect introduction to the world of Courvoisier.

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View of the House of Courvoisier when one of the Courvoisier tours when you visit the cognac distillery.

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Bottles of Courvoisier VS, VSOP, and XO sitting atop a reflective surface.