Step into the sunshine with Courvoisier Cognac this summer

step into the sunshine with courvoisier cognac this summer

The famed French brand is shedding the spirit’s reputation of after-dinner drinks and leather-clad smoking rooms, as it invites connoisseurs and casual consumers alike to revel in the joy of the daytime celebration.

The cognac house founded in 1828 by Felix Courvoisier has, for about 200 years, produced a high-quality cognac known for its vibrant, floral style. A style that has seen the brand win more awards than any other Cognac house and which has, with its several expressions of the liquid, captivated purveyors of the finer things in life, appealing to a variety of preferences and lifestyles.


So, it is perhaps a natural progression that they are stepping into the sunshine and embracing the daytime occasion, encouraging those with a penchant for the luxe life to savour life’s joyful moments through music, gastronomy and conviviality.

“Courvoisier is about focusing on what brings you joy – a combination of great company, rich conversation and beautiful environments set against the backdrop of the most joyful of music,” says Jeanette Edwards, senior brand director of Maison Courvoisier.

Courvoisier Gala in a glass

Courvousier is inviting cognac quaffers to indulge in these #CourvousierMoments, these daytime celebrations which are all about life’s simple but refined pleasures; occasions that call for long lazy lunches, generous helpings and conversations that stretch through the afternoon.

To complement these afternoon affairs the house together with mixologist and brand ambassador George Hunter has chosen two cocktails perfectly suited to lighter, slower and easier drinking.

The first is the Courvoisier Gala – a twist on the famed 1950s pour. The zesty cocktail is a blend of Courvoisier VSOP Cognac topped with tonic and served long over ice.

The second, a twist on a classic, is the Courvoisier VSOP French Twist which is part Courvoisier and part Orange Curaçao or Triple Sec, syrup and lemon juice, strained fresh over cobbled or crushed ice and lengthened with club soda, garnished with lemon and raspberries.

Both are beautiful, light and refreshing long serves and wonderful examples of the versatility of the spirit, that are well suited for a lunch table.

When it comes to pairing food with Cognac cocktails Hunter’s advice is to consider texture as well as flavour. “Often people focus too much on flavour but you don’t want a main meal with a heavy cocktail. These two drinks are light refreshing drinks which work really well with food pairings.”

So next time you’re planning a fabulous afternoon outdoors, turn on some jazz, invite the right mix of friends over and wheel out the drinks trolley with a bottle of Courvoisier to celebrate your perfect Courvoisier moment.


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