Avant-Garde Bourbon Cask Edition

Avant Garde bourbon cask edition text

This expression from the House of Courvoisier pushes the boundaries outside the bounds of our home Jarnac, France. Courvoisier bourbon cask is a tribute to craftsmen coming together to create a new and exceptional, yet distinctly smooth while bold, spirt.

The Blend

A delicate bouquet and excellent balance of oak and exotic flavors.

A blend of selected Fins Bois and Petite Champagne with a first maturation in French oak barrels and a finish in American Bourbon casks.

Tasting Notes

A warming expression of vanilla créme and caramel followed by soft smoky leather character leaving an elegant and soft velvety finish.


Amber - Golden


Soft smoky leather and sweet orange


Vanilla, honey and sweet marmelade

Innovation happens when great minds come together to create something new and remarkable. This code lies at the very heart of our success. Now, we want to share it with you. Introducing the Avant-Garde limited edition series.