Courvoisier Mizunara cognac bottle with case

Mizunara 2021 Blend

From the first enticing aromas to the exquisitely long-lasting finish, this cognac is the true signature blend of two truly iconic cultures and traditions. 

The Mizunara Story

Mizunara cask with premium cognac

Meticulous wood selection has been a hallmark of Maison Courvoisier since its founding in 1828. In honor of this tradition, Maison Courvoisier’s Sixth Generation Master Blender, Patrice Pinet, has collaborated with Fifth Generation Chief Blender of House of Suntory, Shinji Fukuyo, to develop a unique and rare cognac, using casks from prized Japanese Mizunara oak. This first Mizunara release embodies the belief that a genuinely visionary blend must come from a bold fusion of craft, culture and its people.  

The tight grain of the Mizunara oak and its ability to enrich the aromatic profile of Maison Courvoisier’s cognac results in an enticing blend. The Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, distilled with lees, ensures complexity, depth and a long finish. This cognac represents an audacious synthesis of two cultures resulting in one revelatory cognac. 


Tasting Notes

Mizunara cognac tasting note sandalwood


Hints of sandalwood are introduced, followed by the aroma of sweet spices like roasted cocoa from the Mizunara oak casks.

Mizunara cognac tasing note exotic flowers


Progressing to a deeper, more intense flavor, tropical fruits and exotic flowers like jasmine and vanilla linger on the palate.   

Mizunara cognac tasing note tannins, mellow sweetness


The journey concludes with an exquisitely smooth, long-lasting finish, well-melted tannins and a lingering, mellow sweetness.

What the Experts Say

“We live in seemingly different cultures, but are united in our respect for our artistry.”

Patrice Pinet master blender mizunara cognac
Patrice Pinet
6th Master Blender

The Spirit of a Journey

Discover the unique journey of Mizunara. This remarkable blend of eaux-de-vie has traveled across continents, cultures and traditions to arrive at a flavor unlike any other. Brought together by master craftsmen, this cognac is a union of the people, places and passion that created it.

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