Taking joy in sustainability

At Maison Courvoisier, everything we do is inspired by deep connection – with nature and with community. Careful stewardship of both elements is at the heart of how we create a positive impact. 


Our commitment

Balance is in our nature

Courvoisier stands for Joie de Vivre, ​the enjoyment of life’s true pleasures. ​With that comes the responsibility to ensure we can always enjoy the abundance of nature, the warmth of community and delights of good health.​ Courvoisier is committed to our local area and people, as well as the wider global community and planet through initiatives that support sustainable sourcing, biodiversity, minority business people and local communities. 

“We live through Courvoisier’s values of community in everything we do…and pledge to an ongoing commitment to biodiversity and sustainability.” 

The first cognac brand awarded the Butterfly Mark

Courvoisier is the first and only Cognac brand to receive the esteemed Butterfly Mark, which recognizes rigorous sustainability standards. 


The Butterfly Mark is awarded to luxury brands demonstrating positive impact on the climate and local communities, while demonstrating ethical approaches to business. Our score was 44% above the benchmark, driven by our commitment to sustainable sourcing, protection of biodiversity around local communities and the Foundation 1828 initiative, which empowers entrepreneurs from underserved populations.

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Sustainable Sourcing

Oak barrels impart extraordinary character to our cognacs, but rising global temperatures have introduced opportunistic pest species and other challenges to oak forests in France. In partnership with the Office national des forêts, the Maison is funding an innovative study to better understand the threats to our beautiful forests with a donation of 425,000 euros over four years.

Courvoisier is proud, as of 2022, of planting more trees than are used to craft the barrels for our cognac. With trees as an inspiration to our craft, our Forest and Fields program focuses on tree preservation and health – so the Art of Making can inspire future generations.


Supporting Biodiversity

Bees move pollen between plants to help them reproduce and are a crucial part of our ecosystem. The bee is an ancient symbol of France’s sovereigns, historically standing for immortality and royalty. Courvoisier proudly graced the tables of royal courts in France and Europe and bee patterns were incorporated into label designs to express this royal heritage. These patterns are still visible on selected bottles today. With bee populations in decline, Courvoisier sponsors beehives at our facilities to protect this regal symbol and promote biodiversity, while also working on implementing larger programs to deepen our commitment. 

O’Vignes is a project which brings together three Courvoisier wine growers and two communities around Jarnac to focus on protecting local water quality. Currently converting 40 hectares of agricultural land into natural grasslands to protect the water table, the project is planned for expansion, converting even more land in partnership with wine growers – all while making a positive impact on water quality for local communities. 

The Cognac Environment Certification (CEC) is a joint initiative between Cognac houses and the French Ministry of Agriculture to promote sustainable practices in our industry. This important initiative focuses on the reduction of chemical agriculture, management of liquid waste and fostering meaningful dialogue between wine growers and their neighbors.


Elevating the Community

Foundation 1828 supports black and minority small business owners and entrepreneurs who faced hardship during the pandemic. This $1 million commitment over five years offers minority entrepreneurs an opportunity to grow and build resilience. As Foundation 1828 expands, this lasting impact will benefit more business owners across the globe. This commitment is supported  by a multi-year partnership with the National Urban League to provide educational support, financial support and mentorship opportunities to Black entrepreneurs.

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We’re proud that our partnership with L’Arche, started in 1995, helps people from across the world with and without intellectual disabilities to build community together. The collaboration includes people from L’Arche participating in the manufacturing process for work experience on an ongoing basis, running races and planting trees to contribute to help keep Courvoisier tree positive.

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Towards a sustainable future

Climate change threatens the resilience of the natural products we use and the people in our community, and as such, threatens the very essence of Courvoisier. Our journey to sustainability started with an in-depth analysis of our carbon footprint and the identification of areas where we can make impactful change. 

Through this process, Courvoisier aims to reduce Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieve net zero across our entire value chain by 2040. Our work on water reduction will lead to a 50% reduction in water usage by 2030. By the end of 2023, all our packaging will be 100% recyclable, and we will have removed virgin PET from our processes, with the aim to manufacture with 60% recycled materials by 2040.

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