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Crimson Street Cobbler Cocktail in a highball glass garnished with a watermelon wedge.
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Crimson Street Cobbler

This cocktail elevates a traditional punch into something more sophisticated. By adding a dash of rosé wine, this classic is transformed into something exciting and modern.

  • difficulty-easy Intermediate
  • clock 5-7 minutes

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  • 1.25 VS
  • 0.75 dry rosé wine
  • 0.25 watermelon syrup
  • red aperitif (Amaro, Aperol® Aperitivo)
  • 0.25 lemon juice
  • Top with soda


Close up of the watermelon wedge nestled in the Crimson Street Cobbler Cocktail.
Step 1

Build all ingredients into a tin, except the soda and shake vigorously

Step 2

Pour into a Highball or Double Old Fashioned glass ½ full of cobbled or pebble ice

Step 3

Add the soda water

Step 4

Pack in extra ice

Step 5

Garnish with a watermelon slice

Complete your cocktail with

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Blood Orange Crush

This vibrant cocktail heralds the changing of the seasons, matching the turning of the leaves with the deeper, more complex flavors of blood orange.

  • difficulty-easy Intermediate
  • clock 5-7 minutes
Blood Orange Crush cocktail in a Highball glass with ice garnished with a slice of blood orange.

Border Spritz

This beautiful cocktail is the perfect accompaniment for any brunch affair. With its sunset hues and its aperitif pairing, it stands up perfectly to both sweet and savory dishes.

  • difficulty-easy Easy
  • clock 3-5 minutes
Border Spritz Cocktail made with Courvoisier and Champagne poured into a wine glass and garnished with an orange slice.
Border Spritz Cocktail made with Courvoisier and Champagne poured into a wine glass and garnished with an orange slice set on a marble countertop.

Vieux Carré

The origins of the Vieux Carré come from New Orleans. The drink was invented in 1937 as a tribute to the diverse ethnic groups that made up the French Quarter at the time.

  • difficulty-easy Easy
  • clock 3-5 minutes
Vieux Carré Cocktail in a short glass with a twist of lemon.
Vieux Carré cocktail with a twist of lemon sitting atop a marble counter top.

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