Foundation 1828™

Empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs in underserved populations across the globe.

The Foundation 1828™ mission is built upon Felix Courvoisier’s core principles: developing the talents of a close-knit collective of artisans.

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Who We Are

In 1828, Felix Courvoisier created a house that was welcoming to all and deeply believed in supporting the makers and craftspeople in its hometown of Jarnac, France. Ever since, the House of Courvoisier has recognised the importance of nurturing the drive, passion and creativity in these individuals around the globe – especially those who may have the odds stacked against them.

Foundation 1828™ is designed to unify this mission and make a lasting impact by assessing the critical needs of underserved communities and to build authentic programming that will provide long-lasting benefits to entrepreneurs for years to come.

A $1 Million Commitment

View of a minority business owner and entrepreneur smiling, in part, due to the financial success and backing of the Courvoisier Foundation 1828.

Though Courvoisier has supported entrepreneurs throughout its history, the brand's first formal initiative under Foundation 1828™ is a $1 million financial commitment over five years to aid Black and minority small business owners and entrepreneurs in the U.S. facing hardships as a result of the pandemic.

Black and minority entrepreneurs gathered on a panel to discuss the Foundation 1828 initiative to help support diversity.

Partnership with The National Urban League

Courvoisier has forged a multi-year partnership with the National Urban League, the historic civil rights organization dedicated to economic empowerment, equality and social justice. The partnership with National Urban League aims to equip the Black business community with critical resources – from educational programs and mentorship opportunities to financial support – exemplifying the mission of Foundation 1828™.

As part of 2021's programming and the brand's overall financial pledge, Courvoisier committed $200,000 in monetary grants and provided critical educational support to Black entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Our Maison

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