Bottle of Courvoisier VSOP cognac with a white label.


The delicate marriage of 4 crus for a subtly floral, uniquely complex richness. Our VSOP symbolizes the versatile and multi-layered nature of the House of Courvoisier.


Tasting Notes

Ripe peach slices


The maturity of late stone fruits, drawn from the Borderies, Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne unveil a unique complexity.



Fins Bois allows for a soft summer Jasmine to take the lead in this blend.



Aged up to twelve years in our own proprietary barrels, VSOP’s aging techniques provide hints of gingerbread with a silky finish.

Food Pairings

Brie cheese wedges


This perfect match is all about balance. The floral nutty opulence of our VSOP is enhanced by the rich sweetness of Brie, a cheese famed for its mild, subtle decadence.

What the experts say

"A very smooth cognac with an excellent balance of oak and floral flavor that can be fully appreciated neat or mixed."

Patrice Pinet
Patrice Pinet
Sixth Chief Blender
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Cognac in Blossom

Our signature style is born of something we call “Cognac in Blossom”: a dedication to drawing upon the life, joy and rich history of the Maison, the Jarnac region and its people to reveal the intricate nuances of our exuberant floral cognac, so that every sip can be savored.

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 Bottle of Courvoisier XO cognac.
Bottle of Courvoisier VS cognac in a clear bottle with a white label.

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