Art of Cocktail

A superior cocktail starts with the finest ingredients.

Our award-winning cognac elevates every cocktail with its unique nuance for a celebration of flavor and sophistication in every glass.

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Our History Can Be Savored in Every Cocktail

A Recipe for Invention

The Maison Courvoisier style reveals a rich history in every ingredient so that the craft itself can be tasted. Nowhere is this more true than in our cognac-based cocktails where our history is revealed through the aromas and flavors. Each one draws upon the terroirs, crus, and generations of people who thoughtfully developed our collection.  

The French Twist is a perfect example of how our process enhances the cocktail: simple, approachable, elegant. Today, the French Twist is a hallmark of any reputable bar and the perfect way to drink cognac, during daytime festivities or an elegant evening soirée.
Another example of how to serve cognac is the Gala. In the 1950s, Master Blender, André Boufflet developed a new cognac made to be blended. This was a first and grew in popularity until it became more than just a drink; it transformed into a lifestyle.

Meet your new favorite cocktail

The Courvoisier Gala is the surprisingly refreshing cocktail you never knew you needed. A delightful combination of Courvoisier VS or VSOP and sparkling lemon soda, The Gala is bright, simple to make, and guaranteed to have friends asking, “How is this so good?

Discover The Gala
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A Twist on a Classic

In the mid 19th Century, two parallel events were happening in the world of cognac.

The first occurred in Paris when Felix Courvoisier’s cognac had become the symbol of joie de vivre. It graced the table of Napoleon III himself and was the official drink of the royal courts of Europe.

The second took place in Manhattan when infamous bartender Jerry Thomas invented the legendary Daisy Cocktail – a playful combination of spirit, citrus and soda that has informed refreshment cocktail culture as we know it today.

Two people holding cognac glasses with cognac served on the rocks as they learn how to drink cognac.

“Ordering the same cocktail twice means it has elevated the [our] experience in some way.”

Zahra Bates
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See how Courvoisier is dedicated to the Art of Making

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Our Maison

See what defines our Maison Courvoisier style

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