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The Cognac cocktail that brightens any table

Whether hosting a casual brunch or a sunset picnic with friends, this sparkling year-round cocktail surprises with cognac and brings joy to any occasion.

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Meet your next go-to cocktail

The Courvoisier Gala is the undeniably refreshing cocktail you never knew you needed. A delightful combination of Courvoisier VS or VSOP and sparkling lemon soda, this drink is bright, simple to make, and guaranteed to have friends asking, “How is this so good?

Make it memorable

The Gala makes every get-together an occasion to remember. From poolside to fireside, this crisp and vibrant cocktail is a welcome party guest.

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Daytime or any time

Daytime or any time

At home with friends, out to brunch, or really any gathering year-round, The Courvoisier Gala is a refreshing cocktail that makes every moment sparkle.




Bottle of Courvoisier VS cognac in a clear bottle with a white label.

Craft the perfect Courvoisier Gala

Enjoy the unexpectedly bright taste of a Courvoisier Gala—and the joy of showing your friends how easy it is to make their new favorite drink.


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