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Our Origins

Our cognac is steeped in the illustrious history of our sophisticated tastemakers.

In 1828, our founder, Felix Courvoisier, the true embodiment of joie de vivre, established Maison Courvoisier in Jarnac, the heart of France’s Cognac region. His spirit is reflected in our vibrant Maison Courvoisier style.

Close up of cognac in blossom from House of Courvoisier

Cognac in Blossom

Our house style reveals the intricate nuances of our exuberant floral cognac. Subtle, lingering and exquisitely balanced, Maison Courvoisier draws upon the life, joy and rich history of this House, the Cognac region and its people so that every sip can be savored. This is something we define as Cognac in Blossom.

A Cognac Fit for an Emperor

As legend has it, in 1811, our cognac reached French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte who made a personal visit to the Courvoisier cellar after enjoying what he tasted.

Many years after this initial meeting, Napoléon III, nephew and heir to Napoléon Bonaparte, also personally requested Courvoisier and awarded the Maison Courvoisier the much sought-after title of Fournisseur Officiel de la Maison de l'Empereur, or the official supplier of Napoléon's Imperial Court in 1869. Because of Napoléon's stamp of approval, Courvoisier became beloved throughout Europe and was served at notable historic joyous occasions and graced the tables of many royal courts.


House of Courvoisier cognac label on the lid of a barrel.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Maison Courvoisier, everything we do is inspired by deep connection – with nature and with community. We’re committed to making a positive impact with the care and stewardship needed to create a more sustainable future. 

The Approachable Pleasure

Today’s world prizes efficiency over quality. We disagree. Prioritizing speed means missing out on what makes life worth living. And that true pleasure comes from appreciating high quality craftsmanship and an approachable, yet refined blend. Our cognac is versatile and lends itself to any joyful occasion, day or evening.

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Shadow of a Courvoisier bottle with a House of Courvoisier cognac label.

Exquisite Quality

Our collection of exuberant cognacs is the heart of everything we do. Our signature styles reveal the intricate nuances of our craft and has led us to become the Most Awarded Cognac House based on 20 top spirits competitions since 2019 and the only cognac house to ever win the coveted “Prestige de la France” title.”

Three bottles of Courvoisier cognac set within a background of clouds.

There is a sensuous beauty in flowers and Cognac in Blossom brings fresh hope and joy.

A Generous Spirit around the World

We believe that exclusivity creates sameness and monotony. True enjoyment comes from a rich and generous spirit that invites diverse voices to the table. From France and the UK to China, Russia and beyond, we connect a global community of convivial characters.

Courvoisier is an invitation to celebrate joie de vivre in a glass.

Art of Cocktail
Cognac in glass surrounded by fruit, flowers and chief blenders from the House of Courvoisier.

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