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XO Royal

Introducing Courvoisier XO Royal, a blend inspired by our historic cognacs that graced the royal courts of Europe. In the early 1900’s, Britain’s King Edward VII even commissioned his own blend, Edward VII Reserve, of which a few bottles can still be found in the Paradis Cellar in Jarnac – the starting point for our Master Blender, Patrice Pinet, to revive the perfect marriage of Fins Bois de Jarnac and Grande Champagne that is XO Royal.

XO Royal

Tasting Notes

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This deep amber elixir entices with a fine decadent truffle aroma followed with a bouquet of opulent summer blossoms

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A rich, full bodied cognac accentuated with toasted hazelnuts, subtle honey and cinnamon notes 


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A long, powerful finish with notes of honey and cinnamon


Food Pairing

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Pairing Extra with Food

Serve Recommendation: Neat


The rich, full bodied nature of XO Royal is brought out through heavy spice and earthy seasonings and flavors. Pairs well with poultry and spices or seasonings that are earthy, like mushroom or eggplant, as well as heavier sauces.


What the Experts Say

“A cognac paying homage to the origin of Maison Courvoisier and its charismatic founder, blending the richness of the Grande Champagne and the vibrancy of the Fins Bois.”

Thibaut Hontanx
6th Master Blender
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Design Inspiration

Every element of the XO Royal design emphasizes its regal heritage and exalted place within the Courvoisier collection. In keeping with our other Prestige Range cognacs, XO Royal’s bottle shape honours the teardrop design introduced by our fourth generation Master Blender, Daniel Dumon, for the original Courvoisier XO in 1984. Sculpted to represent a drop of perfume rippling out across a pool, it reflects the delicacy and elegance of the liquid within. 

The stunning glass stopper has 30 facets, while the gold collar features Napoléon’s silhouette against a repeat pattern of the bee – a historic symbol of sovereignty in France, representing our connection to royalty. Metallic ink gives a luxurious touch to the Napoléon Coat of Arms and parts of the text.

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