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Courvoisier Extra

Extra is an elegant and rare blend of eaux de vie at the peak of flavor that perfectly marries Grande Champagne and Borderies crus with a touch of Petite Champagne distilled on the lees for  complexity, depth and long lingering finish. This extraordinary blend is aged up to, and beyond, 50 years.



Courvoisier Extra

Tasting Notes

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Like a winter’s blessing, with a rich truffle aroma and notes of wild violets in bloom

Wood shaving


Decadence follows with deeper notes of port wine and cedar wood


Fruit nut mix


A long, spicy finish leaves pleasing hints of baked fruit cake


Food Pairing

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Pairing Extra with Food

Serve Recommendation: Neat


The deep, intense taste of Courvoisier Extra is enhanced through exotic, tart and sharp flavors. Pairs well with exotic fruit or tangy dishes, as well as lightly acidic or sour pairings like apples or pears.


What the Experts Say

“A unique aromatic profile of very old eaux-de-vie blended to perfection. Delicate and refined with an endless floral finish.”

Thibaut Hontanx
6th Master Blender
Design for Prestige BG

Designed for Prestige

The iconic teardrop bottle shape is a key design expression in each bottle in our Prestige Collection, with rich colors that represent the depth and complexity of these creations. Elements of nature and water bring to life the importance of the craft that goes into the precise blending.

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