Honor Your Code

Courvoisier's honor your code text

A code makes sure your ascent is guided by something bigger than hunger and ambition. Something bigger than you.

From our corner of the world...

An aerial view of Courvoisier's Chateau in Jarnac, France with the accolade text as the most awarded cognac cellar
From grape to glass, the process of bringing you Courvoisier is a collective effort. Our community of artisans in Jarnac, France has worked to make us the most awarded cognac house in the world, an accolade we share with everyone involved. Including you.

To yours

Every one of our collaborators lives by codes that drive them.

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Andre Hopson Courvoisier Partner Washington D.C

“I believe there’s power in numbers. You can be there to support each other’s weaknesses and amplify each other’s strengths.”

Livelle Collins Courvoisier Partner NEW YORK CITY

“As an entrepreneur I see the success of others that came before me as a blueprint to look to. It’s always an inspiration as I chart my own course, and hopefully inspire others coming up.”

Livelle Collins, Courvoisier's influencer in New York City, US, leaning on cognac barrels aging in a barrel cellar
Roland Coit, Courvoisier's influencer in Detroit, US leaning on barrels of aging cognac in a barrel cellar
Roland Coit Courvoisier Partner DETROIT

“I couldn’t do what I do without my tribe. Those people around me that I trust, who trust my vision and do whatever it takes to help bring it to life.”