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Courvoisier unveils new look, Yinka Ilori as ‘ambassador of joy’ and Thibaut Hontanx as chief blender


The Most Awarded Cognac House* embarks on an exciting journey to honour its heritage and embrace the future with the launch of its “We Found Joy” campaign, created by artist and designer Yinka Ilori, and striking new bottle design that reimagines design trends from the 1800s.


Courvoisier redefines the cognac category as it unveils a bold and sophisticated new brand identity that embodies the French belief of “#JoieDeVivre,” a way of living that prioritises the enjoyment of the good things in life, proudly welcoming Ilori as its “Ambassador of Joy” – a role created exclusively for the colourful storyteller.

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The London-based multidisciplinary artist is best known for fusing his subject with his British-Nigerian background to create unique and memorable stories through contemporary design.


“For me, the essence of joy is through the use of colour. It makes people smile, it brings people together and delivers a natural sense of conviviality,” says Yinka Ilori.


“Like Courvoisier, each piece of my work is inspired by community, a celebration of the fabric of collective energy. I am delighted to be appointed Ambassador of Joy for Maison Courvoisier.”


The “We Found Joy” campaign will feature global creatives Rashida Jones, Vladimir Mukhin, Moses Boyd and Betina Du Toit, who will each bring the multi-sensory experience to life through their respective mediums, showcased in a compilation of films that capture each individual’s interpretation of joy.

Courvoisier also announces the retirement of its sixth Chief Blender Patrice Pinet and the transition to his carefully selected successor seventh Chief Blender Thibaut Hontanx.


“It is a true privilege to continue to make the dream of Maison Courvoisier a reality,” says Thibaut Hontanx. “As newly appointed caretaker of our exceptional range of cognacs, I will continue to embrace Maison’s commitment to the community. As each drop of our cognac is a collective effort, from our vine-growers to our distillers, we value our close-knit group of artisans in Jarnac.”


Offering a taste of refined history in each sip, the range of Courvoisier expressions has been expertly distilled, matured and blended in Maison’s award-winning signature floral style, revealing intricate nuances influenced by life and joy of the cognac region and its people.


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A rich palette of citrus, precise distillation and signature oak selection come together to offer an exquisitely balanced and vibrant range that includes VS, VSOP and XO.


Courvoisier is recognised globally for its superior quality and recipient of the coveted Prestige de la France.


As Courvoisier enters a new era, it is an exciting time as the brand goes back to its roots and embraces what the brand was founded on. Maison Courvoisier was established in 1828 by Félix Courvoisier on the principle of celebrating joy in every day.

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Based on the joyful, generous, and sophisticated house style and commitment to community and craftsmanship, Courvoisier continues to value its relationships with local artisans and winegrowers to produce high quality, award-winning cognac.


Join us on our new journey as we extend an invitation to celebrate Joie de Vivre in a glass.



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